What to Expect in the Jefferson County Court System

As an attorney who practices in Jefferson County, I often forget how intimidating a trip to the courthouse can be to newcomers. I think people experience anxiety because they aren’t sure exactly what to expect in our local court system. I’ve decided to create a series of blog posts letting people know what to expect in Jefferson County based on my experience. I plan to cover felonies and misdemeanors in district court, juvenile court, criminal circuit cases, and family court cases. I’ll also go over some of the terms that you might expect to encounter. These posts will hopefully give people a better idea of what to expect when involved in the court system. Again, they are based on my experience and are meant to provide generalized information. Obviously, each case is different and will be treated differently.

First, a little background about our courthouses in Jefferson County. At the Hall of Justice, located at 600 W Jefferson, you will find civil district, small claims, criminal/traffic district court, disability and mental inquest, juvenile, and probate court. The Hall of Justice also houses clerk offices that service these courtrooms. On the first floor, you’ll see a row of windows where you can make payments, provide proof, redocket cases, and find out general information about cases. Family and Circuit courts and clerks are housed in the Judicial Center across the street at 700 W Jefferson. The two courthouses are connected by a pedway. Family Courts handle EPO/DVO, divorce, adoptions, dependency/neglect, abuse, and paternity cases. Circuit courts handle felony criminal and civil cases.

If you have specific questions or topics that you’d like additional information on, please leave a comment below. My first blog post in this series will focus on what to expect when faced with a misdemeanor in Jefferson County. Look for it soon!

About Abigail Green

Abigail Green is an attorney based in Louisville, KY. She is a founding partner of Kellner Green, PLLC and practices primarily in the areas of family and divorce law.