My Reaction to Criticism of Judge Olu Stevens

While working at the Public Defender’s office, many of my adult circuit cases landed in Circuit Division 6, presided over by Judge Olu Stevens. I still remember my first time in Judge Stevens’ courtroom. He had his deputy sheriff come over to me and ask for my name so that he could avoid having to ask who I was in front of my client. I really appreciated that kind gesture. Many judges simply embarrass a new attorney by asking who they are in front of a client. After the case was called, he called me up to the bench and introduced himself. I have seen him do this with other new attorneys and I believe it is his practice.

I’ve since been in front of Judge Stevens on a multitude of occasions. Often, Judge Stevens has ruled against me. While I’ve found him to be a firm and “tough” judge, I’ve always felt that he was fair. Every single time he has treated me (and my client) with professionalism and respect.

Recently, Judge Stevens has come under fire in Louisville. It saddens me to hear that he and his family are receiving death threats. I do not believe that Judge Stevens, or any sitting Judge in Jefferson Circuit Court, would grant probation to a defendant because he was offended by a victim’s statement or belief.

I hope that people will take the time to separate Judge Stevens’ reaction to what the victims said and the sentence handed down in the case. These are separate and exclusive from each other.

That’s my two cents—thanks for reading!

About Abigail Green

Abigail Green is an attorney based in Louisville, KY. She is a founding partner of Kellner Green, PLLC and practices primarily in the areas of family and divorce law.