We’re a Louisville-based firm dedicated entirely to family law

Contested Divorce

Contested divorces involve many legal issues, including custody, parenting time, maintenance, division of property and debt, and child support. Kellner Green will ensure that your future financial and personal wellbeing is at the forefront of every decision. We have the experience to compassionately guide you through every aspect of this process and make the best decisions for your family.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is an excellent avenue when spouses are able to agree on the best way to bring closure to their marriage. Spouses must agree on every aspect of their divorce, including allocation of all property and debt, custody, parenting time, child support, and maintenance. Kellner Green can assist you in making sound decisions for an uncontested divorce based on your personal circumstances. We can then draw up all documentation to facilitate your divorce without you having to ever see the inside of a courtroom.

Child Custody

Our attorneys truly believe that the wellbeing of children takes a forefront over all other issues. At Kellner Green, we have the compassion, integrity, and professionalism to advocate for the best interest of your children. We work regularly with professionals in our court system to assist in our advocacy for children, these include custodial evaluators, Guardian ad Litems, Friend of the Courts, and social workers with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Our vast experience will help ensure a positive outcome for your family.


Kellner Green’s experienced attorneys can help you navigate a maintenance claim or motion for maintenance modification. Unlike child support, maintenance is left in the discretion of the trial court. The trial court uses several statutory factors to set an amount and term of maintenance. Our relationships with appraisers, real estate experts, business valuators, and forensic accountants assist us in achieving the best possible outcome for our clients in maintenance cases.

Child Support

Child support is set by statute and the laws have recently changed. We can assist you in navigating a child support case and ensuring that the needs of your child are met. We can also assist you in understanding what the ramifications of seeking child support may be against a putative father. Sometimes it is necessary to seek enforcement of child support orders and our attorneys can assist you in seeking contempt findings against a non-paying party.


Adoption is truly the most happy and fulfilling part of family law. Adoption statutes must be strictly adhered to in order to ensure that an adoption is binding. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to seamlessly assist in the adoption of your loved one. We have assisted clients with private adoptions, adult adoptions, and adoption of foster children. We can ensure that the adoption process is stress free.

FOC/GAL Appointments

Friend of Courts (FOC) are court appointed attorneys who conduct child focused investigations and provide recommendations to the Court. Guardian ad Litems (GAL) represent children’s interests through legal advocacy, motions, and hearings. Kellner Green attorneys guide clients through understanding these roles and determining their necessity for achieving the best outcome for children in contested divorce or custody proceedings.

Domestic Violence

Kellner Green attorneys offer support to those seeking protection from domestic violence on behalf of themselves and their minor children. Our compassionate team can work to assist you in extracting yourself from an unsafe situation. With a deep understanding of Kentucky’s domestic violence laws and court procedures, we stand ready to advocate for your safety and well-being, ensuring you can confidently navigate the legal process.

Dependency, Neglect, and Abuse

When facing allegations of dependency, neglect, or abuse, your fundamental right to parent your child is on the line. Kellner Green attorneys bring years of experience to the table, providing crucial support and guidance throughout the complex legal journey. From navigating prevention plans to advocating in court proceedings, we stand by your side, ensuring your rights and your family’s well-being are protected at every stage.

Who we are

We’re Strong Litigators

Years of litigation experience make us comfortable and confident in the courtroom. We’ve participated in countless trials and hearings. We’re organized, efficient, aggressive, and smart in the courtroom.

We’re Women-Owned

We’re a small, women-owned, Louisville-based family law firm. You’ll receive personalized representation and attention that is not available at a large law firm. Our attorneys work closely together for the benefit of our clients.

We’re Kentucky Based

We’ve dedicated our careers to practicing and mastering Kentucky law to best serve you. Our attorneys have spent their careers practicing in Jefferson County, Kentucky and know the ins and outs of our local court system.

What sets us apart?

We’re Focused

Our practice is dedicated to family law in Jefferson County, Kentucky. We don’t divide our practice across different areas and jurisdictions. Our experience means that we can better anticipate outcomes in your case.

We’re Compassionate

We truly care about our clients and their families. We work closely with every client to achieve the best outcome in their case. We take pride in ensuring that every client understands the litigation process and is able to make well-informed decisions.

We’re Efficient

We don’t waste our client’s time or money. We aren’t a large law firm with high overhead and required billable hours. We strive to be up-front, honest, and quickly advise you of the best course of action in your case.

We’re Established

Throughout our years of practice, we’ve fostered relationships with family court judges, fellow family practitioners, and mediators in and around Louisville. Our professional relationships and our firm’s reputation help us to obtain positive results for our clients and their families.