Child Support

Children in Kentucky have the right to be supported by both of their parents. Child support payments are intended to provide for the daily care of the parties’ children. The Court, in setting a child support obligation, will apply the Kentucky Child Support Guidelines which consider the gross incomes of both parties, work-related childcare costs, the cost of the child’s medical insurance coverage, and the parties’ parenting schedule.

Child support can be requested in a divorce or a custody action. It can also be sought in a paternity action where a parent seeks to establish paternity of a child. The Court can order child support in domestic violence and dependency, neglect, and abuse actions.

When determining child support, the Court requires both parties to submit proof of income, including paystubs, tax filings, proof of childcare costs, and insurance coverage costs. The Court will issue a temporary child support order pending mediation or a hearing.

Child support continues until a child reaches the age of eighteen or graduates high school, whichever occurs last. It is always modifiable if there is a demonstrable change in circumstances. A change in circumstances is commonly defined by Courts as a fifteen percent change in the previously awarded child support amount.

Kellner Green advocates on your behalf to ensure that the proper child support obligation is ordered by the Court.

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