Kellner Green was founded by Courtney Preston Kellner and Abigail Green after years of working as staff attorneys with the Louisville Metro Public Defender. Collectively, we’ve made thousands of appearances in criminal and family court matters. We bring this invaluable experience and knowledge to the representation of every client.


We strive to provide every client with the legal guidance, advice, and information needed to make sound decisions in cases ranging from criminal charges to child support. We believe in fostering a strong attorney-client relationship through open communication and trust. We take pride in being available to clients and to provide prompt responses to inquiries.


Kellner Green is focused on delivering the best counsel, advocacy, and service for our clients. Unlike a large law firm, each case is given the personal attention it requires by the partners themselves. Our attorneys bring years of experience in district, circuit, and family courts. We rely on this experience and on our relationships to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.